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   Security-Online's mission is to be your premier online source of security solutions.

  • An info source that searches the Internet for information covering all aspects of security.
  • An info source that provides access to that information through an easy to use directory of links.
  • A software source that offers a wide variety of security software programs for online ordering.
  • A service that is responsive to your ever expanding and changing security needs.
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       The original focus of this site was on links. Our comprehensive Link Directory is frequently expanded and verified. The directory includes links to educational, governmental, and professional organizations, to publications and documents, to manufacturers and vendors of products, to security service providers, to event calendars, and to many other related sites as well.

       Most links are annotated with a brief content description. However, since we do not know what information you are seeking, and since many sites' contents change frequently, you should personally visit all subject-related sites of interest to determine their value to your personal information needs. Before you place value in information you discover by exploring sites found in our link directory, or found through any other means, be sure you evaluate the consequences carefully. Security-Online does not guarantee the accuracy, value, or legality of any such information and does not accept liability for any harm or damages done by viewing or acting on such information.

       Our expanded mission is to provide our visitors with access to a wide variety of security software programs listed in the Mall Directory that can be ordered online and delivered by direct download. In some cases the order is processed on Security-Online's own secure servers and downloaded from our secure digital warehouse. In other cases the order is processed directly by the vendor and may be downloaded from their site or physically shipped by them directly to the specified user location.

       Unique to the online buying experience on Security-Online is the wealth of information links that allow the buyer to research a product before making a buying decision. We are even constructing InfoDesks found in each product shop that provide highly focused links to product or vendor specific information. Additional services to support the buying process will be developed in the future as will offerings of new products and services.

       Please note that Security-Online does not test or evaluate any software programs that it may offer for sale on the Mall and therefor is not liable for any damages that may result for the use of this software on a customer's computer. Make sure you carefully consider the purchase and use of any and all software programs regardless of the source and please review our full disclaimer statement.

    Thank you for visiting Security-Online. Come back often!

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