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    • AAAE
      American (and International) Associations of Airport Executive
    • AFSA  
      The American Fire Sprinkler Association
    • AIA  
      American Institute of Architects
    • ASC
      American Society of Criminology
    • ASIS
      The American Society of Industrial Security
    • ASHRAE
      American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers
    • ASSE  
      American Society of Safety Engineers
    • BSA  
      Business Software Alliance (on software piracy)
    • Card Europe
      The association for smart cards across Europe
    • CommerceNet
      Industry Associations for Secure Internet EDI
    • CSAA 
      Central Station Alarm Association
    • CIPI
      California Institute for Professional Investigators
    • CSIS
      Canadian Society for Industrial Security
    • CSI
      Computer Security Institute
    • CPSR
      Computer Professional for Social Responsibility
    • DECUS  
      Digital Equipment Computer Users Society
    • DHI
      The Door and Hardware Institute
    • EIA
      Electronic Industries Association
    • IACP  
      International Association for Chiefs of Police
    • IACR
      International Association for Cryptologic Research
    • IAPCS
      International Association of Professional Security Consultants
    • IEEE
      Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
    • ISSA  
      Information Systems Security Association
    • ISSM  
      Institute of Safety and Systems Management at the University of Southern California
    • ITTA
      Information Technology Association of America
    • IURPA
      International Utility Revenue Protection Association
    • NASS  
      National Alliance for Safe Schools
    • NBFA  
      The National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association
    • NBPC  
      Building Protection Council - disaster recovery
    • NCJRS  
      National Criminal Justice Reference Service
    • NCSA
      National Computer Security Association
    • NEMA
      National Electrical Manufacturers Association
    • NFPA
      The National Fire Protection Association
    • NFSA  
      National Fire Sprinkler Association
    • NSC
      National Safety Council
    • NSIA
      National Security Industrial Association
    • Open Group
      The Open Software Foundation
    • OPSEC
      Operations Security Professional Society
    • RAPA  
      Risk Assessment & Policy Association
    • SIA
      Security Industry Association
    • Security On Campus, Inc.
      For the prevention of campus violence and crimes
    • SFPE  
      The Society of Fire Protection Engineers
    • The Smart Card Forum
      An open forum to promote the use of smart cards
    • SPA  
      Software Publishers Association (software piracy issues)
    • Survive!
      The Business Continuity, Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery Group

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