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The following subjects are scheduled for the 1997 academic year at the World Institute for Security Enhancement.

Click on the WISE Link at the left to access class schedules and booking information.

  • Protection of Computers & Proprietary Information (PCPI) 
  • Design & Application of Industrial Security Systems (ISS) 
  • Bomb Threat Planning/Management (BTPM) 
  • Security Countermeasures (SC) 
  • Counter Terrorism & the Asset Threat Spectrum (CATS) 
  • Executive/VIP Protection (EVIP) 
  • Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures (TSCM) 
  • Industrial Fire Systems (IFS) 
  • Covert Investigation & Surveillance Technology (CIST) 
  • TelCo Technology Investigations (TTI) 
  • Case Management and Report Writing (CMRW) 
  • Fire and Arson Investigation (FAI) 
  • Investigative Techniques and Procedures (ITP) 
  • Interviews and Interrogations (I&I) 
  • Competitive CounterIntelligence (CCI) 
  • Vulnerability Assessment Fundamentals (DOD, DOE) 
  • Advanced Vulnerability Assessment (DOD, DOE) 
  • Loss Control & Prevention (LCP) 
  • Counterfeit, Alterations and Duplication (CADD) 
  • Drugs in the Workplace (DIW) 
  • Human Resource Management Services (HRMS) 
  • Expert Witness Testimony (EWT) 
  • Security of Financial Institutions & Assets (SFIA) 
  • Parking Facility Protection (PFP) 
  • Investigation Procedures for Insurance Adjusters (IPIA) 
  • Violence In the Workplace (VIW) 
  • Background Checks and Investigations (BCI) 
  • Crisis Management Resolution (CMR) 
  • Hospital and Medical Center Security (HMCS) 
  • Forensic Hypnosis Investigation (FHI) 
  • Security Responsibility and Contingency Planning (SRCP) 
  • Personal Protection and Security (PPS) 
  • Liability & Legal Concerns of Security (LLCS) 
  • Security/Risk Management (SRM) 
  • Protection of Museums & Cultural Property (PMCP) 

= Open Session Courses (Publicly Offered)
= Closed Session Courses (Privately Sponsored)
Class Schedule Copyright 1996,1997 World Institute for Security Enhancement
All Right Reserved.

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