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        The InfoDesk is designed to help you access information about the specific topic, product or application you are interested in.

        Like other categories of security software, filtering programs have been expanded to provide other functions, or other programs have been expanded to add filtering functions. Originally designed for home use to protect children from accessing inappropriate material on the Internet, filtering programs have prowl to find significant use in schools, especially at lower levels, and most recently in the enterprise.

        The first step to establishing a successful content control program is to develop and publish an Internet usage policy. This is true in all setting, home, school, and work. Some organizations do not more than state what is appropriate use and what is not. Furthermore, usage policy often includes time constraints where organizations limit access during business hours but allow broader usage during non business hours. In some cases these organizations do not install filtering software and just rely upon the integrity of their trusted employees not to abuse the system and to comply with the stated usage policy. In other cases random monitoring is used to determine policy abuses. In still other environments filtering software with tight constraints is installed, updated, and maintained regularly with strict consequences for violations of the policy.

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        Steering Clear of Triple-X Sites Can Be Tricky. The Trouble With Today's Filtering Solutions
        By Jesse Berst, Editorial Director ZDNet AnchorDesk, June 18, 1997

        "Sometimes, logging onto a Web site can seem a bit like walking into an unrated movie. An innocuous title might cloak an offensive feast for the eyes. And you don't always know what you're going to get until the pictures pop up."

        Usefulness of filtering software debated at FTC privacy workshop
        By Maria Seminerio June 13, 1997

        "WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The cookie jar never kept kids out of the cookies, and today's Web content-filtering software isn't much better at keeping kids safe on the Web, consumer advocates said today."

        Reviews of 11 filtering products 04/08/87

      • Cyber Patrol 3.1
      • Cyber Snoop 2.0
      • Cybersitter 2.1
      • InterGO
      • iscreen!
      • Kidnet Explorer, Version 1.02
      • Net Nanny 3.1 
      • Rated-PG
      • SurfWatch 1.6
      • WebTrail
      • X Stop 2.0

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