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    Net Nanny Features and Benefits

    Net Nanny is the only software program that allows YOU to monitor, screen and block access to anything residing on, or running in, out or through your PC, online or off. It's two-way screening in real-time and only YOU determine what is screened with the help of our site list which can be downloaded free from the Net Nanny site. Net Nanny allows you to deal with: WWW URLs, News Groups, IRC Channels, FTPs, E-mail, Non-Internet BBSs, Words, Phrases, Personal Information (address, credit card no. etc.) It's a complete Internet and PC management tool. Runs with all the major online providers too!

    Operates on the Internet, non-Internet BBSs, All major online services such as Compuserve, AOL & Prodigy (Both proprietary and Internet components) and all local applications running on the PC. No monthly site update subscription fees ever!

    • Prevent your Address, Phone and Credit Card numbers from being given out on the Internet.
    • Net Nanny provides users with FREE "Can Go" and "Can't Go" site lists to download into their Net Nanny screening databases.
    • The lists are updated regularly so visit anytime.
    • NO monthly site list subscriptions!
    • Prevent other personal or sensitive data from being given out on the Internet.
    • Prevent loading, downloading and running of unauthorized software or CD-ROMs.
    • Prevent User definable 'Words', 'Phrases', sites, URLs, News Groups and IRC Chat Rooms from being sent from, received by, or accessed by your PC.
    • Mask inappropriate words, phrases or language.
    • Block images too! Screen individual sites you know the name of like "Playmate.html".
    • Or block all GIFs or JPGs and release the function when you're supervising.
    • Prevent your disks and hard drives from being reformatted.
    • Prevent your files from being deleted or tampered with.
    • Develop your own screening list for'Sites', 'Words', 'Phrases' and subjects.
    • Complete Audit Trail of monitored 'sites', 'Words', 'Phrases' and user-defined content on the PC.
    • Audit Trail indicates PC start-up, and triggered violation shutdown item dates and times.
    • Operates with all major Online Providers and in e-mail and IRC.
    • Screens all PC activity including TCP/IP streams, Internet tools and other BBSs online, and any and all Windows 95 or Windows 3.x applications offline.
    • Extra security provided through multi-user passwords and properties.
    • Net Nanny has other convenient functions.
    • All you have to do is tell Net Nanny what you do not want entered or received on your PC terminal.
    • Select the terminal action you want to take for violations: Monitor, Log, Mask, Warn, Block, Application Shutdown, or all.
    • Configure Net Nanny to log all URLs accessed.
    • Install, Enable, Disable or Remove easily.
    • Administration Program allows access to all Net Nanny functions.
    • Leaves no extra files on disk when removed.
    • Parents, Teachers or Employers may: Add, Modify, or Delete screening list items at any time.
    • Parents, Teachers or Employers may turn Net Nanny on and off, at their own discretion.
    • Cannot be turned off unless done through the Administration Program.
    • Net Nanny operates with or without users knowing.

      1994-1997 Net Nanny Software International Inc.

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Internet Content Filtering
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