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Secure Your Computer from Internet and Intranet Sabotage

PC Secure Personal Firewall for Windows 95

For Windows users who want to keep intruders out and take control of their Internet access... automatically!

Stop Intruders Cold.

PC Secure runs seamlessly with your computer's operating system to monitor all modem and Internet traffic passing in and out of your PC. Set your own personal access rules and every time you boot up this program starts working automatically. Every data transmission is screened against your rules...only what you have permitted passes, everything else is denied. Without a firewall your PC's files can be easily accessed -- even without your knowledge -- when connected to the Internet or an intranet. PC Secure is your personal firewall.

PC Secure

Protect your PC from:
  • Hackers
  • Evil ActiveX
  • Sniffer Viruses
  • Trojan Horses
  • Bogus E-Mail
  • Software Bombs

Close Those Back Door Security Holes...

PC Secure plugs several security holes that the network firewall cannot: Additionally, it allows offloading of filtering from your main firewall server to the individual PC. It also has a remote administration feature so a security administrator can maintain the PC Secure rule set from a central location.

Set Your Own Rules...Easily!

PC Secure Rule Administrator PC Secure lets you specify the rules for on-line computing by configuring your computer to communicate only with individuals and sites you've permitted. It runs silently in the background -- leaping into action when restricted data access attempts hit your system. You can block access to specified sites or give permission only to approved sites.

Prevent Unwanted On-Line Sessions...

Get peace of mind. PC Secure protects your computer and everything on it from all unwanted on-line sessions. Nobody accesses your data without your knowledge and permission. The Time Out feature lets you specify the exact time, day and date when your PC can go on-line making unwanted user sessions a thing of the past.

Incredibly Simple to Use!

PC Secure Rule Administrator PC Secure is intelligent enough to configure itself to your needs. PC Secure's Smart Configure feature detects questionable network traffic and asks you whether it should be blocked and whether your rules should be updated. A Setup Wizard also asks you questions about your Internet usage to automatically set up PC Secure for you.

Set security Rules for:
  • E-Mail
  • Files Transfer
  • Web Browsing
  • Telnet
  • Any Application
  • Any Net Protocol
  • Any Web Address

Who Benefits?

PC Secure's Key Features:

Setup Wizard Walks you through the PC Secure setup and asks you questions about your Internet usage. Continually works with you on your usage needs.
Smart Configure Whenever your PC executes an access request not covered by current rules, PC Secure prompts you for a new rule. This allows you to build your rule set on the fly.
Traffic Cop A control panel where you turn PC Secure on (or off), set your password, activate Blocked mode and access the other features of PC Secure.
Time-Out Regulate the specific times when your PC can go on-line. Allows you to control the use of your PC by others -- even when you are not around.
Real-Time Traffic Log A concise summary of all on-line activity.
Blocked Mode When activated, will lock out all traffic -- in or out. Your PC is locked down tight.
Security Code Specify a personal security code which allows only you to change your traffic rules.


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